Ultra HD 90fpsPUBG Mobile

Ultra HD 90fpsPUBG Mobile | Enable 90 FPS In PUBG Mobile /BGMI PUBG New Update First Gameplay Ultra HD 90s FPS Ultra HD FPS 4k Gameplay

Enable 90 FPS In PUBG Mobile /BGMI

Enable 90 FPS In PUBG Mobile BGMI

Ultra HD 90fpsPUBG Mobile Graphics enhancement program for player unknown's Battlegrounds and Battlegrounds Mobile India.

PUBG MOBILE will begin pushing out the update on July 11 at 11:00 (UTC+0). To ensure a quick and smooth update, please ensure a good network environment and have enough available storage on your device.

Update Reward: Update the game between July 11–20 (UTC+0) to get 3,000 BP, 100 AG, and a DJ Vibe Helmet (3d).

PUBG MOBILE × Dragon Ball Super! New immersive Dragon Ball modes!

The new "Dragon Ball Super Themed Mode" is here! Collect all 7 Dragon Balls, summon Shenron, and wish for power!

The new standalone mode "Battle Royale: Dragon Ball Super" features a unique 1.6 × 1.6 km map! Play as Dragon Ball characters in this special gameplay!

World of Wonder Updates: Summer Brawl is here! Experience a variety of summer-themed gameplay!

New Firearm: ACE32 is a new assault rifle that uses 7.62mm ammo. It will be available on all maps.

Other Feature Improvements: Creation Mode will also be undergoing another update, as well as Carry Onto Vehicle, Switch Outfits With Backpack, and other features!

Supported maps: Sanhok, Erangel, Livik Shenron Gameplay Available: Map: New 1.6 × 1.6 km anime-style map with all-new scenery.

Ultra HD 90 fps PUBG mobile download

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Ultra HD 90fpsPUBG Mobile | Enable 90 FPS In PUBG Mobile /BGMI

GFX Tool is a free utility launcher for FPS games, including PUBG and PUBG: New State. It allows gamers to customize game graphics for a smooth gameplay experience. 

Here are some features of the GFX Tool:  Change resolution

Unlock HDR graphics and all FPS levels

Fully control anti-aliasing and shadows

Unlock Ultra Audio Quality

Speed up your game and clean memory and CPU usage

GFX Tool can help gamers unlock higher resolution and HDR gaming, and a smooth 60fps gaming experience. However, some say that you shouldn't expect any magic to happen and that you may be able to juice out 10 or 20 extra frames. 

New Gameplay Devices

Time Bomb Device: A gameplay device for setting up time bombs that can explode.

Environment Control Device: Dynamically change the weather.

Watercraft Spawn Device: Spawn watercraft.

Round Management Device: Transmit a signal at the beginning of the round.

Map Border Device: Determine the playable area border on large maps.

PvE Enemy Spawn Device: Spawn PvE enemies.

Outfit Management Device: Customize and change player outfits.

Buff Management Device: Add or remove player buffs.

Player Action Response Device: Perform all kinds of player actions.

Gameplay Device Improvements: Improved Red Zone, Progress Tracker, Class Design Device, and other areas.

PUBG MOBILE - [Offline Event]  / Battle Event

1. Upgraded Popularity Battle rewards. They are now easier to obtain.

2. New rewards: Chat bubbles, nickname special effects, lobby themes.

3. Register to participate in the Popularity Battle event. During the battle period, get randomly matched with a powerful opponent every 3 days for a popularity contest. Lasts 10 rounds in total.

4. During the battle period, the Popularity of both competitors will be compared. The one with the highest Popularity wins.

5. The winner can claim some points from the loser.

6. Participate in Popularity Battles to win Battle Points and increase Battle Level. The higher the Battle Level, the better the rewards.

7. During the event, Battle Level will be ranked across all participants on the server. The higher the rank, the better the rewards.

X-Suit Improvements: The Spawn Island Emotes of all 5-Star X-Suits can be used in Cheer Park. Emotes don't need to be equipped separately in the Inventory as an exclusive slot has been added to the Emote Wheel in-match and in the Cheer Park.

Security Strategy Improvements

Improved cheat detection for x-ray vision, auto aim, speed hacks, AoE damage, grass removal, and more.

Improved violation detection for unfair cooperation, escorting, and more.

Improved the in-game detection of prohibited transactions, escorting, and the malicious exploitation of bugs.

Added a Safety Observation period. Improved players' feeling of security and their general experience.

Improved the account recovery system. Added mechanics to dispute account interception and malicious recovery interception, to ensure account security. Self-unlinking tool has returned, to provide convenient self-service for those whose accounts have been hacked.

Performance Improvements

Performance Improvements

Improved the calculation logic for the UI rendering preparation phase to reduce processing time.

Improved the computation of repetitive components during animation updates to enhance performance efficiency.

Improved the calculation method for the main game logic to reduce power consumption and overheating.

Improved the logic for loading terrain to reduce lag.


Ultra HD 90fpsPUBG Mobile | Enable 90 FPS In PUBG Mobile /BGMI HD 4K + 90 FPS | PUBG MOBILE New Update First Gameplay Ultra HD 90s FPS Ultra HD FPS 4k Gameplay 4K ULTRA HDR 90 FPS GRAPHICS | PUBG MOBILE  pubg mobile x dragon ball, pubgm x dragon ball, 90 fps, fps, 60 fps, lag fix, game loop settings, hdr 90 fps, hdr, ultra hd, hdr hd, pubg mobile,harsh gamer,best phone for gaming,best phone for gaming under 20000,best phone for gaming 2024,best phone for gaming and camera under 20000,best phone under 20000,best phone under 25000 in 2024,realme x7 max pubg test,realme x7 max review,realme x7 max 90 fps pubg test,realme x7 max,90fps phone pubg,90 fps phone under 20000,90 fps phone for bgmi,90 fps phone for pubg,90 fps phone for pubg under 20000,90 fps phone under 20k,best gaming under 20000


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