Blocked by robots.txt blogger Fix

Fix this Blogger Crawlers and Indexing Blocked by robots.txt blogger Fix How to Fix 'Blocked by robots.txt' Error in Google

Blocked by robots.txt blogger Fix | Robots.txt 

Blocked by robots.txt blogger Fix

Robot.txt is a text format containing commands to guide search engines' search robots that are allowed and not allowed to index any content on the website. Robots.txt is one of the important factors in optimizing Blogspot SEO.

So which Robot.txt file structure is the most standard for a blog? In general, the Robot.txt file will depend on the intention of the blog owner to allow or not to allow indexing of content.

This is the most complete robot.txt file

This is the first sentence when you enter the Robots.txt file installation section. Blogspot notifies you "Warning! Please use it with caution. Improper use of these features can cause your blog to be overlooked by search engines. A short notice is enough to convey the importance of the Robots.txt file.

How To Blocked by robots.txt blogger Fix

Enter the URL of Your Site. At the bottom of the tool, you will find the option to enter a URL from your website for testing.

What is Robots.txt?

Robots Exclusion Standard was developed in 1994, to help webmasters "advise" search engines on how to collect information from their Blog/Website. It works in the same way as the “Custom Robot Title Tags”. The main difference between them is that “Custom Robots.txt” files will prevent search engines from accessing a page or directory, while “Custom Robots Title Tags” only control Which page or directory is indexed.

The process of installing the Robot.txt file is not too difficult. But mostly you know how to use it to suit your Blog/Website content.

The “Custom Robots.txt” and “Custom Robots Title Tag” functions were introduced by Blogger a long time ago. This is a function that is highly appreciated by SEO Experts, but Vietnamese Bloggers do not know how to use it (usually left in the default form the most standard settings currently used I have also applied this setting to my free document Blog.

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