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Best Free AI Tools Online That Speed Up Best Artificial Intelligence Tools In this article, we'll explore AI tools for various use cases

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Free AI Tools

Free AI Tools being released over the past year that can help people in their daily lives some of which can be quite expensive so coming up in this video I'll show you 10 useful Free AI Tools that you can use for free right now some are completely free While others do have limitations I'll go over those in the video along with examples for most let's get started.

Adobe Firefly – Generative AI for everyone

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly it's currently in beta and completely free for anyone to use right now after playing around with this for a while it's quite impressive they have various tools for you to try out for this example let's go with text to image in the box below type your prompt try to be as descriptive as possible after entering your prompt click on generate along the right you'll have filters to help modify your images the content type is currently set to Art let's see what happens when I switch it to none like I said earlier Firefly is completely free right now as it is in Adobe product you can surely expect they'll start charging to use it in the near future name licks at.

Namelix: Business Name Generator


Namelix Create a brandable name for your business for free using AI here's how to use it enter keywords that describe your business or product I'll go with flying robot Duster then click on generate select a name style I'll go with brandable names brand info you'll see the keywords also have the option of entering in a business description I'll leave it as is and generate you'll now see possible business names you could use along with logos hovering your cursor over any of these and selecting more info will show you which domains are available.

Best Free AI Tools Perplexity


Perplexity Ai is simply an answer and information search engine powered by gpt4 unlike a normal search engine that will inject ads or show irrelevant results this will just get you the information with cited sources which is great for doing research begin type your question after answering your question you could select Focus to narrow down your sources or just leave it on all after that click the search button or hit enter on your keyboard after showing the results you also have the option here at the bottom to ask follow-up questions if you used things AI search you'll notice the results here are less cluttered in addition to the web perplexity also has mobile apps available for IOS and Android.

Gamma App creates beautiful


Available Gamma is a new AI-powered alternative to using  create and share presentations breeds memos and documents they have a good of templates available in categories to help you work faster without having to start from at the time of this recording Gamma only has a free plan available offering 400 credits to create AI decks.

Pro Plan is also in the works  the Microsoft Bing image Creator is another one to consider powered by open ai's Dolly it'll give you 100 free Generations daily even after the 100 it's still free but the generations are slower in the Box type your prompt after entering in your prompt click on create when you select one of the images you'll have the option to share it with others save it to one of your collections download it to your computer or customize it also available.

Microsoft Image Creator

Microsoft Image Creator

Microsoft Designer at the AI image generator instead of just creating images it's more focused on creating designs for social media posters invitations illustrations and so much more this one's also easy to use in the Box described in as much detail as possible the design you'd like to create when you're done with that click on generate foreign s here on the right after selecting Your Design you can see it more fully by clicking the magnifier icon in the upper right and you can simply download it to your computer.

Chat PDF - Chat with any PDF

Chat PDF - Chat with any PDF

Chat PDF available is great for a faster way to do research without spending a ton of time reading the entire file contents you simply just upload any PDF ask questions and it'll answer here's an example I will now drop a PDF for my computer about large language models into the box once loaded you can ask questions in the Box here at the bottom it will only get summarized answers of what is available in the PDF only as you can the free plan for chat PDF is very generous allowing PDFs up to 120 pages in length no larger than 10 megabytes with a limit of three PDFs and up to 50 questions per day if you need more than that the plus plan is five dollars One Month.

Colorize photo online free

Colorize photo online free

palette. FM is a cool AI tool that will take your black and white photos and colorize them using AI it couldn't be any easier to use you could upload the image from your computer or simply drag and drop it onto the page here's one I have not tried out yet let's see how it looks here at the top yet there is Filters that you can play around with selecting the customize icon here on the right lets you see the prompt that was Auto-generated and you can also edit the prompt palette is no longer completely free while you can still upload as many images as you want the size will be limited to 500 by 500 pixels with a limit of one free HD credit their paid plans are very reasonable starting at 15 cents per HD image.

Socratic by Google for Android

Socratic by Google for Android

Quick one Socratic from the folks at Google is a mobile app for both IOS and Android powered by Google AI it's for all you students out there needing help with your homework by simply taking photos of your homework with your phone it'll give you answers with visual explanations and various subjects including science math and so much more.

AI Detector - Accurate Chat GPT

AI Detector Tool Checks ChatGPT

GPT 0 at the web address gpt0 dot me is an AI plagiarism Checker to help teachers determine whether a document was written by AI or a human you can upload the document from your computer or simply copy and paste it into the box when you're done with that click on get results when it's done scroll down it'll highlight individual sentences in question or in this case the entire document that is suspected of being written by AI you can use this tool for free to scan text up to 5000 characters for around ten dollars per month you can scan text up to 50 000 characters 

AI Detector Chat GPT

Free Ai tools online for content writing

Free Ai tools online

There are several free AI tools available online that can assist with content writing. Here are a few popular ones There are several free AI tools available online that can assist with content writing. Here are a few popular ones

  • Top 100 AI Tool

writing assistant that helps you eliminate grammar and spelling errors. It also provides suggestions for improving your writing style and clarity.

WordAI: WordAI is an article spinner that uses artificial intelligence to rewrite content while maintaining its original meaning. It can be useful for generating unique versions of articles or blog posts.

Remember to always review and edit the content generated by AI tools to ensure it meets your specific requirements and maintains your unique voice as a writer.


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