The Division: Resurgence APK

The Division Resurgence Download The Division Resurgence Games shooter third-person shooter Division Resurgence APK Download for Android / iOS.

The Division: Resurgence APK The Division Resurgence APK (Full Game)

The Division: Resurgence APK

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The Division Resurgence has begun. Ubisoft decided to invite only a select few, but we changed the rules of the game. The Division: Resurgence APK The Division Resurgence APK (Full Game).

The Division Resurgence is a mobile MMO shooter from Ubisoft where OBT started. You will find details about this in a separate article. Only Android players can play. Interestingly, the French publisher eventually only gained access to those who received the invitation, and even the “lucky ones” were unable to download the client at first. Everyone can now play, as there is a "guest" option during authorization.

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Division Resurgence beta may not work for everyone, even if you have the setup file. The truth is, the early version supports a limited number of smartphones, although their numbers have increased since the last alpha test. Note that one of the biggest innovations is the addition of the now-accessible Dark Zone.

It is a pity that progress has not been made even if you participate in the final alpha test. We expect it to be removed when the servers go download in December.


  • Game Mode: Online.
  • Size: 10 GB.
  • Device: Android / iOS.
  • Ram: 2GB & 4 GB.
  • Video Hire.

  • Download iOS (unknown) Soon


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The Division Resurgence Download The Division Resurgence Games shooter third-person shooter Division Resurgence APK Download for Android / iOS.


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